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Emerald Garden Teacup

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Emerald Garden Teacup - A bevy of beautiful water lilies blossom amidst the lily pads. Rising from the edge of the pond are cattails reaching skyward. Just beyond the cattails is a stunning summer garden ablaze with beautiful blossoms. A riot of iris, daffodils, tulips and lilies-of-the-valley fill this emerald paradise and cluster around the cup. Forming the handle are intertwined rose canes, also in bloom. The cup itself is kiln formed, textured, emerald green glass. The shimmering garden is solid sterling silver, each intricate blossom formed on the head of a pin.

Brand: Barbara Otterson, Jewelry Arti
Product Code: 72-3

Our Price: $1200.00

(Price correct on December 5th 2016)

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