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American Flag Plate

American Flag Plate - Glass Art Art Gallery
This beautiful plate is created from fused glass. Each piece of glass is cut by hand, placed together one at a time and they fused...

Price: $220.00

Christmas Tray

Christmas Tray - Glass Art Art Gallery
Fused glass tray. The tree is made from a glitter glass. It has tiny metallic points all through the glass that catch the light an...

Price: $130.00

Emerald Garden Teacup

Emerald Garden Teacup - Glass Art Art Gallery
A bevy of beautiful water lilies blossom amidst the lily pads. Rising from the edge of the pond are cattails reaching skyward. Jus...

Price: $1200.00

Wisteria Plate

Wisteria Plate - Glass Art Art Gallery
This slumped glass plate was decorated by fusing thin glass strings onto its surface, then forming wisteria blossoms and leaves fr...

Price: $110.00