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Art Deco Locket

Art Deco Locket - Gold Jewelry Jewelry
This unique and striking locket features a pattern of stylized ferns and geometric flowers. The hinge is covered by a waterfall de...

Price: $220.00

Wings of Desire Necklace

Wings of Desire Necklace - Gold Jewelry Jewelry
Necklace of sterling silver, freshwater pearl, and color photography by Dawn Estrin. On an 18 inch rolo chain. There are also matc...

Price: $75.00

Wings of Desire Necklace and Earring Set

Wings of Desire Necklace and Earring Set - Gold Jewelry Jewelry
Let your spirits soar as the wings of desire touch your soul! Magical and witty, these unique sterling silver, photo montage creat...

Price: $150.00